lapVent - a revolution in roof space ventilation systems

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lapVent - a revolution in roof space ventilation systems lapVent - a revolution in roof space ventilation systems


lapVent - a revolution in roof space ventilation systemsHeritage Structural Ventilation Ltd is pleased to present a long awaited and truly remarkable do-It-all roof space ventilation system called lapVent.

Inexpensive, retrofitable DIY installation

Boasting a multitude of unmatched features, universal, invisible, none load-bearing, unexposed, storm-proof, etc., the most innovative roof vent to hit the industry since the introduction of roofing underfelts.

No scaffolding, no external disruption

Developed for installation in most types of unsealed pitched roofs and suited to the majority of situations, a breakthrough providing unobtrusive roof-space ventilation for both ancient and modern buildings avoiding outside disturbance, structural alteration and the costs of excessive heath & safety obligations.

Smart, simple, safe and efficient

Compliant with UK and EU codes of practice, the 20,000mm2 free airflow capacity tested and confirmed by Building Research Establishment trials. Made out of recycled plastics, environmentally responsible and uniquely pioneering, lapVent has been individually honoured with a prestigious Millennium Product status award - clearly designed and created with a special understanding of the slating and tiling trades.

There is, in fact, nothing else quite like it!

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